Monday, July 25, 2011

Towns 0.17 released (Rooms!)


Towns 0.17 it's ready to download.

- Balance: Citizens have a little less hungry (again)
- Balance: Bakeries build 4 breads (instead of 1) with 2 wheats
- Balance: Raw material drop rate when a cell it's mined (more coal/iron, less mud)
- Balance: One game turn now it's equivalent to 30 seconds (instead of 60)
- Add: Bridges (can be built in masonry with 2 stones)
- Add: Rooms!
- Add: Dining room (citizens eat faster there)
- Add: Hospital (citizens with 1/3 of life go there)
- Add: "Infravision" removed (living entities can no longer see through walls)
- Add: Moddable LOS to living entities (citizens, enemies)
- Change: Pathfinding now gives more value to Z-level
- Fix: Deleting a task in a building now works properly
- Fix: Performance improvements (hangs when you discover new caves)
- Fix: Minor bug fixes

This version comes with 50 citizens.
Rooms can only be created underground.

Same as 0.16, now it's more easy!
Build armor and weapons, equip some citizens and convert it to soldiers (you need barracks to do so).
Try to kill every enemy (spiders and goblins) in the whole map.

Hope you like it.


PS: Google docs has changed it's download page. Now, if you want to download files, you have to click on the top-left menu, File -> Download.

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