Thursday, July 7, 2011

Towns 0.13 released


I realesed Towns 0.13

- Changed the "unknown" tile image
- Changed all clay references to mud
- Added females
- Added names, surnames, nicks and gender to citizens
- Added tooltips
- Added the "mine" command to the contextual menu
- Added the keyboard shortcuts to all menus
- Added enemies engine
- Added spiders and giant spiders
- Added combat engine
- Added the current level number at the top-left of screen
- Added red arrow marks indicating if the upper or lower level contains a stair
- Added messages panel full screen mode

This release it's ready to download in the left panel. Hope you like it.

Try to make a tunnel under the river at level 4 to put all citizens together. Then, remove/destroy one side of the river and try to make some farms and a bakery in the other side.

Take care of the spiders!


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