Monday, July 11, 2011

Towns 0.14 released (En español !!)


Towns 0.14 has been released.

- Balance: Wheat farms produces wheat more slowly
- Balance: Weaker citizens
- Added white border to menus and panels
- Added dice engine (ex: 4d8+5,3d6)
- Added colors to messages
- Added multilanguage (Spanish)
- Added a new pile (military)
- Added first military item (Wooden helmet) (not in-game equippable yet)
- Add: Messages are now saved
- Changed the task manager. Item building tasks (furniture, food, ...) are more important than other tasks
- Changed the font tileset
- Change: Spider graphics
- Change: Item types are now obtained from items.xml (file types.xml was removed)

Same challenge that in 0.13. Now it's harder to accomplish it.

When game starts (running towns.cmd or it will pick your Java locale, and, in base to that it will use a language or another. Anyway, you can force a language just launching townsEN (english) or townsES (spanish).

Hope you like it.


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