Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bye bye Google docs


Google docs, at last, it's screwing me. Now it seems that you need to login to download the file, so... I have to find a new file hoster. Some users had problems with Megaupload so I have to find another one.

I prefer just a file hoster, with no download page and no download wait time. So, if anyone of you knows a good one I will take it in consideration.



Ductape said...

use dropbox

Supermalparit said...

Hmmmm... I heard that Dropbox has a good service, I'll chek it. Thanks.

Anonymous said... - no wait until download, no captchas, no deletions and other shit, autodistributes on 8 hostings + it's own.

Supermalparit said...

Thanks anonymous, I will use Dropbox at the moment. It seems fine.