Thursday, June 30, 2011

Version 0.0xx (linux)


due to a comment in the previous post I just uploaded the Linux version of Towns.
I'm developing the game under Windows so I can't test that version yet. It's possible that doesn't works at all.

You can downlad that version in the download panel (on the left). The launcher file it's ''.

Any comment from Linux users can be appreciated.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changes since 0.0xx


this is the list of changes since last version (0.0xx):

Version 0.10
External changes:
- Citizens can eat.
- Citizens can sleep.
- Items carried by citizens are now painted.
- Smooth scroll just pressing the arrow keys.
- Items added: chair, table, bread, wheat
- Buildings added: bakery, wheat farm
- Citizens can haul any kind of item (not only raw materials)
- Stockpiles now can't share same cell
- Bushes can now be chopped (but no wood obtained)

Internal changes:
- Simplified item structure
- Task manager optimized (fast item access)
- A* improved (fast stair access)

This version isn't released yet.

I'll be grateful if any of you (hello? anybody here?) sends me some feedback. The game is still open and any idea will take into account.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New version (0.0xx)


I just uploaded the last version of the game. Version numbers and changelog's in the next posts.

You can download it from the left menu.

Remember to edit the file towns.ini to adapt the game to your desktop resolution. And remember too to don't build chairs neither tables.

Regards and sorry for my english :P

Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello everybody,

first of all i apologize for my english. I hope I can make myself understood.

I'm developing a citybuilder game just for fun and as a personal challenge. It has some similarities with Dwarf Fortress but that will change in the future. At the moment I haven't very clear the future of game, I mean that I haven't clear the features (remember, "just for fun and as a personal challenge") but I think that the game has potential.

The game it's in an isometric view and it's handled basically by mouse (with some keyboard shortcuts), if you want you can see it in Youtube (currently 4 videos):
Testing fluids
Testing stockpiles & buildings
Crossing the river

Hope you like it and I'll appreciate the comments.