Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changes since 0.0xx


this is the list of changes since last version (0.0xx):

Version 0.10
External changes:
- Citizens can eat.
- Citizens can sleep.
- Items carried by citizens are now painted.
- Smooth scroll just pressing the arrow keys.
- Items added: chair, table, bread, wheat
- Buildings added: bakery, wheat farm
- Citizens can haul any kind of item (not only raw materials)
- Stockpiles now can't share same cell
- Bushes can now be chopped (but no wood obtained)

Internal changes:
- Simplified item structure
- Task manager optimized (fast item access)
- A* improved (fast stair access)

This version isn't released yet.

I'll be grateful if any of you (hello? anybody here?) sends me some feedback. The game is still open and any idea will take into account.

Thanks for reading.



testblog said...

Hey, I really want to try it out but I'm on linux and there is only a windows startup script. Java is cross platform so I suppose it shouldn't be hard to make it work for linux. I know little java but is there a .jar file that I can execute on the commandline to run towns? ('java -jar ***.jar')

The game looks prommising though :)

Supermalparit said...

Hi testblog,

you're right. The only problem seems to be the native Windows dlls. I will upload the Linux version in a while, with the native Linux so's.

That version it isn't tested so I'll be happy if you can sendme some feedback.

Thanks for posting.