Friday, July 15, 2011

Towns 0.15 released


Towns 0.15 has been released.

- Balance: Citizens are now less hungry
- Add: White border to tooltip
- Add: Coal and iron
- Add: Forge
- Add: Wooden armor, pants, boots and sword
- Add: Iron helmet, armor, pants, boots and sword
- Add: Full moddable military items
- Add: Citizens can wear/wear off items
- Add: Weared items are shown
- Add: Big texts are resized in menu
- Add: Now you can build items with the building contextual menu
- Add: Save/Load now operate with compressed files (about 15-1 compression)
- Change: Map depth raised (from 4 to 8)
- Change: FPS capped to 60
- Change: Improved minimap render routine (glVertexArrays)
- Change: Improved the A* zone reset (no more hangs when you build/remove stairs and buildings)

Hope you like it.


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