Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Towns 0.30 released !!

Hi everybody.

We have been hard at work on 0.30 for the past few weeks and we are proud to officially launch it!

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List of changes in this release
- Balance: Walls are now built in the masonry (with 2 stones)
- Balance: The arrival of immmigrants is checked every 3 in-game hours (instead of every in-game day)
- Balance: When a citizen (or soldier) dies. The global happiness is reduced by 20%
- Add: Custom actions engine
- Add: Animation engine
- Add: Random drop engine
- Add: Ranged weapons engine
- Add: Buildings now can have an automatic mode turned on (non-stop production mode)
- Add: Buildings can be forced to be built over certain terrains (ie. wheat farm over grass, mineshaft over stone,iron,coal,...)
- Add: Buildings can have non-rectangular shapes, and the entrace may be placed elsewhere
- Add: Hide buildings when hold [CONTROL] key
- Add: Engine prepared for friendly units (ie. A cow)
- Add: Current mission objective status is shown in the objectives panel (F1)
- Add: Infinitive verbs when attacking
- Add: A lot of content!
- Add: Drop for friendlies and citizens
- Add: Random prefixes and suffixes to military items when droped by an enemy
- Add: Repeat tasks when hold [SHIFT] key
- Change: All non-operative items will show the red-cross mark (ie. A bed built but not placed in destination)
- Change: Citizens now ends his tasks before they go to eat or sleep
- Change: If a citizen is carrying an item, he drops it before they go to eat or sleep
- Change: A wall (item) can be used as a room wall
- Change: Rooms can be built outside
- Fix: Improved the fluids routine (reducing CPU time to a half)
- Fix: Row-building mode fixed (walls)
- Fix: Returning to main menu could crash the game in some cases
- Fix: Removed the Windows end-of-line character from the Linux launchers
- Fix: Minor bug fixes

Hope you like it!

Xavi Canal

While donations are not neccesary, they are welcome!
We use this money to further benefit the project and every donation will bring us one step closer to our goals!


Unknown said...

The improvements made in such a short time are impressive.

Supermalparit said...

Thanks Oggi!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm going to enjoy this!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!
I've just uploaded my first Lets Play: Towns video

Hopefully people enjoy it and I can do some more.

Keep up the great work!

Criscam89 said...

Como ago para poder jugarlo??, lo descomprimo y nada, donde se debe guardar la carpeta o que archivo es el que se utiliza para arrancar el juego?, Exelente juego espero con ansias poder jugarlo

Supermalparit said...

Debes descomprimirlo y ejecutar el fichero towns.cmd.

Como bien pone en la sección de descargas, tienes que tener Java instalado para que te funcione. Desde la propia sección puedes descargarlo.

Un saludo!

Supermalparit said...

Great work randoof!!

I added your video to the fan-made section!


Yagur Gan said...

Suerte para nosotros!

I must say this was the first time i actually played the game! up until now i just launched it so see if my graphics fits, and i must say i enjoyed my time with it, which is a very big achievement for a game so early in it's development phase.

may we all keep killing our citizens in many more creative and fun ways in the future releases!

Alexander Poysky said...

Hey burning! Glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Loving the improvements! I just wish equipment didn't get destroyed when the person wearing it is killed.

Alexander Poysky said...

The equipment flaw is being worked on!

Leuqim said...

Hola!! Haber, creo que he encontrado un bug, ya que al intentar hacer un puente y colocarlo me dice que la albañineria no esta accesible, cuando en realidad si porque e probado hasta haciendo una solo sin nada alrededor y no me deje, sin embargo escaleras si que deja. Eso era para que lo miréis si es solo a mi o es un pequeño fallito! Enhorabuena por el juego que tiene muy buena pinta!!

Leuqim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexander Poysky said...

Creo que hay que cerciorarse de que el puente esta siendo construido en el MISMO lado del rio que donde estas :P

Anonymous said...

You guys are totally awesome!

Alexander Poysky said...

Wow now my coffee tastes so much better! Thanks man you just made my day :D

Luxsor123 said...

oye como puedo tener mas aldeanos? construyo muchas habitaciones y todo en el pueblo funciona bien. Pero como creo ciudadanos?

Alexander Poysky said...

Hay que tenerles contentos, de momento, si no curran, y tienen sillas y mesas y tal en sus habitaciones, seran mas felices

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