Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Towns 0.30 alpha, new image


just another sample image.

Click to enlarge

Hope you like it.

Xavi Canal


Jeremy said...

Hi there! Found your game via Reddit. As a big fan of Minecraft but perplexed by Dwarven Fortress your game looks great! I'm really excited to play, but can't get things working.

I'm getting an invalid jar file upon installation. I've re-installed java a few times, and downloaded a couple versions of the game. To no avail.

Is there a doc or guide somewhere to help with common installation problems?


Supermalparit said...

You launch the towns.cmd file?

Please, if a file error.log it's generated in Towns folder, paste here the content.
If not, for sure it's a Java issue.

You can edit the file towns.cmd and add a line at the end with the word 'pause' (without the cuotes).
Launch again and paste here the result.

Thanks and sorry for inconveniences

Jeremy said...

I reinstalled java, and have made progress! I suspect it was totally a PEBCAK error... I may have been attempting to run the .jar file instead of the cmd file.

No reason to apologize, I hope these comments help other players figure out if they are doing something wrong.


Supermalparit said...


Have fun!