Monday, October 24, 2011

Towns 0.30 gameplay (spanish with english subtitles)


I just uploaded a new video playing the current Towns 0.30. It has spanish audio and english subtitles.
About the audio, I think that my microphone it's too close. I'll fix that in next ones.

Hope you like it.

Xavi Canal


Anonymous said...

I've been playing about with Towns 0.25, I am really enjoying it and have a few suggestions if I can be so bold:

* Rather than a red X for unfinished buildings, how about a greyscale image instead?

* Have a "switch" for destroying. So rather than right clicking each item, have a way of turning it on (hotkey maybe?) - clicking everything you wish to destroy - and then switching it off making it easy to destroy lots of items at once. Kind of like the bulldozer in SimCity.

* For stockpiles, maybe nothing assigned by default and then the player can select which items they want to be included as apposed to removing those they don't want.

Of course, I realise it is not finished yet, just some ideas.

I'm really enjoying playing around with Towns, please keep up the great work.

Alexander Poysky said...

Thanks for the input randoof, I agree with the stockpiles bit, and with regards to switches, we are implementing them soon.

Anonymous said...

Great news! I will keep on watching for the 3.0 download, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean 0.3 :o)

Justin S. said...

I made a video LP:


Anonymous said...

Justin S,

thank you very much!

We would gladly send you the latest build which is much improved if you would want to make another video.

Also - regarding your comment in reddit, i somewhat agree, the name is really not google nor youtube friendly.