Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Towns 0.20 released (Sieges)

Towns 0.20 has been released!

- Change: Items in a wrong stockpile are hauled
- Change: Citizens doesn't haul items if exists enemies around the item
- Add: Full moddable enemies
- Add: Full moddable items
- Add: Moddable map generator
- Add: Sieges!
- Fix: Minor bug fixes

This version comes with 7 citizens.
Every item, building, enemy, terrain and the map generation are now full moddable. It means that you can edit almost every single thing of the game, you can change the game completely and convert it into a Zombies game! ... or into a space game.... or into.......

I have to document it, but, if you take a look at the .xml files into the 'data' folder, you'll see that it's pretty easy and intuitive.

Hope you like it.


Edit: Due to an error discovered by Naio (from DF forums) I uploaded a new patched version (0.20a)

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