Thursday, August 4, 2011

Towns 0.19 released


Towns 0.19 has been released.

- Balance: Bakeries build 3 breads (instead of 4) with 2 wheats
- Balance: Citizens doesn't eat faster in a dining room
- Add: Left click outside a contextual menu closes it
- Add: "Items" menu. You can build items without specify a building neither a place where to put them
- Add: Happiness
- Add: Personal rooms. Citizens go there to sleep.
- Add: Eat in a dining room improves the citizen happiness
- Add: Sleep in a personal room improves the citizen happiness
- Add: Immigrants (they come if there are personal rooms available and overall happiness it's good)
- Change: Trees only generate bushes if there are less than 3 around
- Change: Prerequisites for a room (2 cells wide, 6 cells minimum and, at least, a wall in each side)
- Fix: Little issue dropping big items (more than 1x1)
- Fix: Minor bug fixes

This version comes with 7 citizens.

Hope you like it.



testblog said...

hmm, I think you put the files of 0.18 release in the linux download (its says ingame version 0.18 and there are 50 villagers at start)

Supermalparit said...

Hmmmm.... I checked and NO, it's the 0.19 version!!

Are you sure that you downloaded the 0.19?
Perhaps yoou unzipped the 0.18 version?

testblog said...

indeed, my fault. It works.
good job